About ISM Tech 2017

Innovations in technology will bring relentless advancements in capabilities and functionality. Supply management professionals have a choice: make technology work for you or tag along and try to keep up. 

Take command of the latest technology offerings and work them to gain new and eye-opening competitive advantages. Join us at ISM Tech 2017 as experts and leaders from the supply management field reveal new possibilities and cost-saving efficiencies in areas including advancing analytics, manufacturing 2.0, the role of robotics, going digital and utilizing augmented reality. 

Harness the power of technology and take your organization to the next level by making it work for you.

Plus, Tech 2017 offers several opportunities to meet scores of innovative suppliers and exchange ideas with representatives from top providers in our field. Strategize with experts on your tech needs to identify new ways to tackle existing challenges and future growth opportunities.

  • Using technology innovations to capture digital customers
  • Utilize robotics to streamline business processes
  • How to best use the Internet of Things (IoT) in the supply chain
  • Using analytics to align planning with demand
  • How to mitigate risk by managing the fine print in technology agreements